Q1HD Access Control, services, tools and systems in combination with strategic CCTV Security camera locations help you to meet your security needs and achieve security with much more accuracy. Moreover, our project engineers are experienced in applying security solutions to large scale buildings and properties. Access Control Systems is a type of door lock that is intelligent and versatile in function. It enables you to secure entry points by only authorizing access to individuals who belong in the building. But what’s more than just security that access control systems can offer is the option for you to choose the type of access. Fingerprint, Facial recognition, Card Access, Custom ID Code. Go even further by using it as a time attendance system for employees to clock in and clock out. You can even check who entered and when. All of these features just a software away. Our time attendance software also helps you in keeping track of these entry point data. Pair it with surveillance systems that watch over the entry points and you can achieve maximum security.

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Comprehensive Access Control

Q1HD provide and install a global brand of IP access control and door systems, our development team are focused on designing systems that are fit for their purpose, containing the important features that are necessary for well-run organizations. Our commitment has resulted in our products winning a reputation for reliability and ease of use.

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Access Control for Commercial Businesses

In a large business, ensuring site security is not straightforward. We recognize that you have a combined responsibility to ensure the safety and security of your employees as well as protect your premises and business assets. Our systems are designed to be flexible to grow and develop as the organization changes. They are robust enough to deliver extensive protection across multiple sites and comply with stringent regulatory requirements. Our Access Control System can also be used for tracking and people management purposes.


Intercom with access control for Residential

We can install an intercom with access control system at a gate or a pedestrian entrance which would allow you to let people into your property from the comfort of your sofa or even while you are at work. All our systems use the very latest IP technology to do this.

We’re here to help

If you are having problems with an existing access control system or maybe you have inherited a system from a previous owner/tenant of the home then please get in touch. We can take the system over and get it to function to meet your needs.
We then will set you up with a maintenance contract so that we ensure the system is always running smoothly.

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